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Wholesale cooperation for companies



Data verification and activation of the wholesale customer account

To get full access to wholesale prices and accurate inventory, it is necessary to activate the account by our employee. To do this, send an email to export@multistore.pl with a request to activate your account. It doesn't take long - verification should be completed no later than the next business day. Only after activating the account and assigning a wholesale discount, after logging in again you will have access to wholesale prices


Placing orders in the warehouse

After logging into your wholesale account, you can start your first purchase. Gross prices with a discount included will be visible after entering the product card in the Your price position. In addition, our suggested gross retail price will always be displayed.Shopping in our warehouse is very simple and intuitive - add products you are interested in to the basket just like in a regular online store. To order several pieces, enter the exact quantity and confirm by clicking into the basket.You can check the order summary by clicking the basket icon in the upper right corner of the page, where the gross value of your purchases will also be shown. Here you can also change the quantity of purchased products by entering the appropriate numerical value in the field. Make sure you click the Convert icon. You can also remove products from the basket or return to shopping. The last step will be the choice of courier and payment for the order.



Shipping is carried out from Monday to Friday with the form of delivery declared when placing the order (Polish Post, DPD Parcel Courier). We offer free DPD Parcel Courier delivery for orders with a logistic minimum of PLN 3,000. For smaller orders, shipping costs will be added according to the warehouse price list. Products are shipped within 24 hours of payment being credited to our bank account. In the high season period, the delivery time may be extended to 48 hours, due to the high logistical load..


We provide all partners with an XML file that allows you to easily integrate our offer in your store. The XML file enables synchronization of stock levels, prices, descriptions and product photos. For IT reasons, please put the shared photos on your own servers. We do not allow linking photos from our servers..





Export Cooperation.

To meet the needs of our clients from abroad who report interest in our products, we enable export cooperation with 0% VAT for EU companies. We provide individual support and marketing support in the form of materials (photos, descriptions, instructions) available on the platform. Our biggest advantage is the rich and versatile range of assortment. We work with sellers from many European countries (link to the map). Our experience and a network of business contacts with producers, as well as the direct import of products from foreign factories, make our goods very good value for money. We guarantee a comprehensive level of service as well as fast order processing. If you want to start cooperation and you are from abroad - write to us. We have several conditions when it comes to exports, which must be met, but detailed information will be provided by the assigned guardian.

SHIPPING ABROAD - shipping cost priced individually depending on the size and weight of the order

PERSONAL COLLECTION - you can pick up your order with your transport


E-MAIL: export@multistore.pl

CONTACT: +48 573 162 709



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